Riprap and Erosion Control



Randy McCoy Construction - Rock Yard and Landscape Supply offers a wide variety of solutions to match all needs and situations for erosion control. Our teams are experienced with all manner of situations to ensure that the best solution is used. No project is too big or too small for us. To get the most out of your erosion control solution, choose us. Call us at 251-960-7625 to discuss more about your erosion control project.

Some Erosion Control Methods

Culvert - Allowing water to flow under an obstruction or road way. Typically, it is embedded to surround by the soil. This keeps a natural drainage and stream crossings.
Riprap - Rocks and other material used to line shore lines and protect against erosion. Class 1, Class 2, and Class 3 are available.
Seawalls - Constructed to keep the sea from adversely impacting any areas on land.
Terracing - series of receding flat surfaces built or cut into a sloped plane.
There are other methods of erosion control available. Simply give us a call at 251-960-7625 to discuss your needs and we'll help you figure out the best method.
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Erosion Control - Culverts in Loxley, AL